Cardfight!! Vanguard Graphic Novel 1 (Special Edition)


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Aichi Sendou is a timid middle school teen. He is so shy that even conversing in class is a bit of a challenge. However, one thing that keeps him going through all his struggles - Vanguard. With his ultra-rare Blaster Blade card always by his side, he knows that at least in the gaming world he has a chance to be different.

Unfortunately for Aichi, his favorite card was stolen by a vengeful classmate. Furthermore, the Blaster Blade was later lost in a winner-takes-all competition to one of the best players around his community. Now to retrieve his priceless card, Aichi is going to have to break from his mold of shyness and win his property back by finally engaging someone, and in this case a local champ, in an actual Vanguard card-battle!

His first battle with Toshiki Kai is an eye opener. It's part learning experience and part coming-of-age moment. And with that first battle and that unexpected first win, Aichi is now on his way towards fully immersing himself in the world of the card game!

* This Special Edition release features a boxset containing a 50 card "Flash Fight" deck, 2 Cardfight!! Vanguard Flash Fight Rulesheets, and an Expert Rulesheet.

Story and art by Akira Itou.

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