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Princess Mononoke DVD


Unless your small children are used to seeing dismemberment and beheadings on a regular basis,(Or play Mortal Kombat on a regular basis) it is highly UNrecommended to show them this film.

This level of graphic violence isn't par for the course, as far as Hayao Miyazaki's work is concerned, in fact most of his films are family friendly.

I've watched this film repeatedly, and the story is great, but the voice acting (On the english dub) is all over the place. One voice actor seems to be "dialing it in" to the point that you can practically hear the script pages turning, another voice is a little TOO famous and recognizable and can be distracting. Of course this is just my heinous opinion, and the only reason I deducted a star.

Date Added: 10/31/2013 by Christian Stoops
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