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Dragon Ball Season 2 Uncut DVD



The world's most powerful heroes... Only smaller.
Completely dubbed in English, and uncensored for full hilarity potential, this set is just the beginning of the tale of Son Goku and his friends.

Largely due to the painstaking efforts of the producers to bring this to the highest possible quality, this collection(From Dragonball Season 1, to the entirety of Dragonball Z and all of Dragonball GT as well..) is beautiful to watch on an HDTV. (especially if you have a DVD player with HDMI Upscaler/DVD enhancement features, or a Playstation 3 with its color-bleed and noise reduction features on.)

Perhaps the best feature on these discs is the "Marathon mode" which will make the opening play ONCE, then the end credits only after the last episode of the disc. A great feature for parties, conventions, self-promotion, etc..

The other bonus features which are typically on the last disc of each set vary from set to set, and your personal enjoyment of them will vary accordingly. As I myself personally set such bonus discs/content aside for another time, I cannot further comment on them.
Overall, these sets are definitely worth their original MSRP. And I don't say that often about ANYTHING.

Date Added: 10/31/2013 by Christian Stoops
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